Monday, November 29, 2010


Searching for answers to too many questions. Searching for ways...
  • to feel more like myself
  • to have more time to do things I enjoy
  • to figure out what I really want from my life
  • to figure out how to feel more productive
  • to have a project that I can start, relish in, and complete
  • to have more time alone with R
  • to feel like a good mum
  • to feel confident
  • to see our families more often without breaking the bank
  • to stop feeling guilty
  • to have deeper relationships on a daily basis
  • to be more authentic
  • to find more time to exercise and make it a priority again
  • to feel better/more confident about the decisions I/we are making around sleeping and eating and breastfeeding
  • to believe in myself
  • for unconditional love and acceptance
  • to carve more time out of the day
  • for the Little man to nap longer
  • to be brave and start working on getting a babysitter
  • to find a way to go to the movies again
  • to stop eating so much crap
  • to have time to work on me, just me
  • to accept just me
  • to feed the Little Man better, everyday
  • to become more a part of our new community
  • celebrate the holidays with little money
  • to relax into parenthood, even after 18 months
  • to see beyond today with hope and a positive outlook
  • to keep things into perspective
  • to stop comparing myself and my life to everyone else
  • to stop caring what other people think
  • to stop trying to please everyone else at my own expense
  • to find a way not to be afraid of anger - mine or anyone else's
  • to see beyond the image in the mirror
  • to connect with my brother more
  • to love my sister without judgement
  • to have more fun in our lives
  • to simply be grateful for my wonderful life
  • to just breath

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