Wednesday, September 8, 2010


I'm feeling content today. Pure, simple, happiness. I don't want to jinx it by saying it out loud, but I can't help myself today. There's nothing particular that's happened, or going to happen, just life in general. It rained yesterday, one of the first times since we moved here three months ago, and it was quite the wake up call - but today arrived with bright blue skies and beautiful sunshine, a perfect fall day. The little man and I hit the beach, the playground, and now he's napping - all before noon. Getting up early definitely has its advantages. I've run twice this week, and it feels like its something i'm actually going to stick with - a positive change. We met some more nice people at the playground and I'm so excited to have other mums to talk to again.

We spent so much time in the past year trying to figure out where to move so that we could feel real again and now that we're here and it fits us like a glove, we can actually breath and be happy again. We had a great talk about the funk we've been in and how we are ready to make some big changes in how we live. We have both been active people our whole lives until we ended up in Vancouver, and now we want it back. we are both so easily swayed to laziness - and don't always help each other do anything to change that - but we want to now. we want to be active for Luke, so he grows up moving and playing and running around. We want to take the steps to do things we like - like golfing, biking, exercise, hanging out with friends, doing things to help the planet - instead of just talking about it and making excuses. and we're going to do it together.
happiness - what a treat!

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