Friday, August 27, 2010

10 Intentions

photo by declan maccullagh

As the air gets cooler and the days start to close in, I feel like its time to set some new goals and intentions - almost like its the new year. It always feels more like it in September to me than in January - a product a growing up in a household with teachers and on the campus of a school, I think.
1. I intend to try running regularly for a month. I will use the SunRun training program as a guide and make the commitment to do something for myself.
2. I intend to try a new recipe every week. I will find time to look up recipes online or in our books. I won't worry about how its going to turn out and just do it.
3. I intend to find a way for R and I to have some time alone. whether its a date night here at home after the Little Man goes to bed, or work on getting a babysitter.
4. I intend to go to at least three toddler activities every week and make an effort to spend time with our new friends.
5. I intend for us to have a few weekends away as a family - to Salt Spring, Tofino, and maybe England before Luke turns two.
6. I intend to find a way to bring in some money without having to send Luke off to childcare somewhere.
7. I intend to let go of my need for validation and approval from others and simply be present in my own life. give myself a break every once in awhile.
8. I intend to take my family on an adventure one day every weekend. Can be 5 minutes away or 2 hours - just something new and different.
9. I intend to trust my instincts as a mother and take it one day at a time.
10. I intend to let go of expectations and be surprised by life everyday.

It always amazes me how positive and open minded and relaxed I can sound when I'm writing. I wonder how I can get that through my own thick skull sometimes!

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